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World Clean Coal Conference organizes a wide selection of events, which attract delegates from a variety of industries, markets and regions. There is no better opportunity for you to meet with the leading players from your sector.

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Why attend

An event made for the industry by global industry key executives, you can be assured of a comprehensive agenda covering the most pressing issues faced by the coal upgrading, coal conversion and clean coal power industry.
With good representation from policy makers, you will be updated on government incentives and policies in different regions so that you can make an informed decision on your business strategy.
Network with over 200 clean coal industry professionals from the region and beyond.
Find out what your peers and competitors are doing, which technologies they are using and what the results they are achieving are.
Maximize your time by meeting all your partners and suppliers under one roof over two days. You will be able to gather information on the latest technologies and solutions from a variety of exhibitors firsthand.

Our forthcoming conference

  • World Clean Coal Conference, Indonesia 2014
  • World Clean Coal Conference, Mongolia 2014
  • Gasification Summit, India 2014
  • Clean Coal Power Summit, India 2014
  • World Clean Coal Conference, China 2014

  • Testimonials
    Who should attend

    Coal mining companies
    Power companies
    Oil & Gas companies
    Fertilizers producers
    Technology solutions and services Consultants
    Who should sponsor

    Clean coal project developers
    Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology vendors
    Coal gasification technology licensors
    Syngas treatment technology providers
    Urea technology providers
    Wastewater treatment companies
    Key equipment providers
    Investment and financial advisory
    Who should exhibit

    Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology Materials handling and service
    Coal gasification technology
    Syngas treatment technology
    Urea technology
    Chemical processing technology
    Wastewater treatment
    Heat exchanger
    High pressure technology
    Pump and valve
    Automation product
    Filtration and separation solution Air separation unit
    Safety service
    Worldwide Opportunities on Coal Upgrading, Coal/Petcoke Gasification, CTL (Coal-to-liquid), Coal to Chemicals, Syngas, Clean Coal Power, IGCC and etc.
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