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World Clean Coal Conference, China 2016
November 16-17, 2016 | Beijing, China

World Clean Coal Conference is delighted to announce the 2016 China conference in Beijing.

Register today and take advantage of the early bird registration fees.

Why China Conference

China has been ushering in the era of coal-to-X worldwide. Low crude oil price as well as overcapacity issues and environmental concerns, which have already generated a less favorable CTX industry in China and the world, urgency arises, to explore a path to revive the market. However, when we are closely looking into chemical market, great demand gap for high-end products indicates the potentials for China’s coal-to-chemicals sector on its feature of a wide range of products. Meantime, coal gasification is considered as a suitable route for hydrogen production for refining industry.

This 2016 event will try to offer you a comprehensive coverage of the coalchem/coal-to-X market with fresh project updates. Meanwhile, we will set spotlights on 13th Five-Year Plan, technology innovations, green initiatives, refinement and development of low rank coal, to identify the new investment opportunities or strengthen players’ presence in this market, tailored-made sessions presided by eminent experts will settle all your concerns. Likewise, key players from emerging markets will share their business plans and discuss the potential collaborations in the conference.

Event Features

  • Identifying Global & China Coal-to-X market developing trend
  • Reviewing government policies and planning of clean coal during next Five-Year Plan
  • Hearing from China’s and International experts to acquire knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and project operational experiences: coal gasification, coal liquefaction, coal to olefin, coal to glycol, poly-generation, IGCC, CCS etc.
  • Case Studies of China’s benchmarking CTX projects
  • Economic forecasting and investment analysis of China coal chemical industry
  • Strengthening strategic cooperation with leading project developers and engineering companies
  • Addressing the environmental issues for sustainable development of coal sector

  • 2015 Conference Review

    Some of the speakers
    Zuoyun He, Vice President, Sinopec Great Wall Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Heru Setiawan, Vice President, Corporate Strategic Planning, PT Pertamina (Persero)
    Jianxuan Shang, Vice President, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
    Shanzhang Wang, Deputy General Manager, Inner Mongolia Yitai CTO Co., Ltd.
    Dapeng Li, General Manager Assistant, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Junyi Liu, General Manager, Shanxi Lu'an Coal to Liquid Co., Ltd.
    Guomin Li, Deputy General Manager, Guodian Zhundong Coal-Fired Electricity Coal Chemical
    Mustafa Ziypak, General Manager, R&D Department, Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI)
    Weimin Yang, President, SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (SRIPT)
    Jian Cao , Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer, Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Incorporating Ltd.
    Changjiang Sun, General Manager, Beijing Risun Chemi
    Qingsong Lu, Senior Engineer, Inner Mongolia Datang International Keqi Coal-based Gas Co., Ltd.

    This is the place to be for all those with an interest in China’s coal gasification and coal-to-x market. Join us to see how this event could boost your business in 2016 and forward.

    For speaking, registration and marketing enquiries, please email your details to

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