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Who should attend

Government institutions, regulators and energy planning Authorities
Coal miners
Fertilizer manufacturers
Oil & gas companies
Power companies
Other gas users
Investors and financials
Gasification technology licensors
Coal upgrading technology providers
Gas processing and sulfur recovery technology companies
Engineering and construction companies
Wastewater treatment and environmental services
Leading research institutes
International associations

Exhibit at regional most influential coal upgrading, coal gasification and deep processing event

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Who should exhibit

Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology
Materials handling and service
Coal gasification technology
Syngas treatment technology
Urea technology
Chemical processing technology
Wastewater treatment;
Heat exchanger
High pressure technologies
Pump and valve
Automation product
Filtration and separation solution
Air separation unit
Safety service
Testing and certification service
Investment and financial advisory

World Clean Coal Conference, Indonesia 2016_Floor Plan
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World Clean Coal Conference, Indonesia Focus is an unrivalled and cost effective platform to gain face-to-face meetings and build business relationships with the leading players in the clean coal industry. With our one-to-one partnering application, you can access the full list of participants attending World Clean Coal conference and make contact with them to pre-arrange one to one meetings.

Worldwide Opportunities on Coal Upgrading, Coal/Petcoke Gasification, CTL (Coal-to-liquid), Coal to Chemicals, Syngas, Clean Coal Power, IGCC and etc.
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