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World Clean Coal Conference, Korea 2016
October 20-21, 2016 | Seoul, Korea

Register no later than June 30 and take advantage of the early bird registration fees.

About Korea Conference

The upcoming conference intends to highlight the growth potential of South Korea’s coal gasification & IGCC industry and strives to provide meaningful coverage on current trends in the clean coal industry landscape. To this end, discussions on policy incentives and investment strategies for coal gasification and IGCC developments, evolving technologies, and international and regional best practices, among others, are woven throughout our comprehensive conference program.

Participants of 2015 conference agreed that the event was an invaluable investment of time and many useful insights were presented, with 92% of participants rating the event good to excellent. It was the place to be for regional and global industry stakeholders to gain updates on the latest coal to SNG, IGCC and CO2 management in South Korea.

Key topics to be discussed

  • Policies of clean coal development in Korea and the world
  • Energy/coal outlook and coal gasification/SNG/IGCC development status
  • Korea’s current Coal-to-SNG & IGCC project updates
  • Engineering challenges and risks of coal to SNG & IGCC projects in Korea
  • Projects and plants economics
  • Advancements of gasification & CO2 technology and successful operating experiences
  • Gas processing, purification technologies
  • Discussion on sustainable development and environmental issues

  • Participants profiles

    Process Design and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Field Engineering, Plant Design and Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Environmental and Business Strategy executives from South Korea’s major Power Utilities, Gas Users, Engineering Companies and Research Institutes

    And global leaders in Technology Licensing, Catalyst and Auxiliary Chemicals, EPCs, Environmental Solutions, Project Finance and Key Equipment Providers in ASU, Pumps & Valves, High Pressure Vessels, Tubes and etc.

    This is the place to be for all those with an interest in the South Korea’s coal gasification and IGCC market.Join us to see how this event could boost your business in 2016 and forward.

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