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Whether you are looking for new opportunities to network and raise your company profile, or simply passionate about the field you work in, speaking at a World Clean Coal Conference can reap many benefits for you and the organization you work for. You will have the excellent chance to exchange ideas, develop new contacts and participate in informed, impartial and leading edge discussions in the form of a keynote address, panel discussion or a sponsor-led workshop.

World Clean Coal Conferences are truly international, attended by the most important and influential clean coal industry executives in the world. Our audiences comprise of high profile government officials, investors, CXOs from coal mining companies, oil companies, power companies, steel makers and fertilizer producers.

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Who should attend

Coal mining companies
Power companies
Oil & Gas companies
Fertilizers producers
Technology solutions and services Consultants
Who should sponsor

Clean coal project developers
Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology vendors
Coal gasification technology licensors
Syngas treatment technology providers
Urea technology providers
Wastewater treatment companies
Key equipment providers
Investment and financial advisory
Who should exhibit

Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology Materials handling and service
Coal gasification technology
Syngas treatment technology
Urea technology
Chemical processing technology
Wastewater treatment
Heat exchanger
High pressure technology
Pump and valve
Automation product
Filtration and separation solution Air separation unit
Safety service
Worldwide Opportunities on Coal Upgrading, Coal/Petcoke Gasification, CTL (Coal-to-liquid), Coal to Chemicals, Syngas, Clean Coal Power, IGCC and etc.
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